Keynote Speaker: The Real Tarzann


The Real Tarzann Mike Holston

EST 1993

I am a native of Providence, Rhode Island (and yes, we have black people in Rhode 
Island, LOL…as I hear that question often). My memories for the love of animals go
back as far as I can remember, probably around 3 years old. During my childhood,
while my friends were out playing with toys and video games, you would find me
digging up worms, looking for reptiles and asking my parents to purchase wild
animals. And trust me, I would plead for these new “friends” which consisted of rats,
 lizards, tigers, snakes, frogs…you name it! I grew up idolizing Steve Irwin aka the
 Crocodile Hunter and I hoped to one day follow in his footsteps. Now fast forward to
some 21 years, my love has not wavered. I have made some great sacrifices to
pursue my dreams by taking the path less followed and doing things that many would call “different.”

When I was young, my mother relocated us from Providence to Atlanta, GA which
 afforded me the opportunity to explore more options and certainly experience more
with nature. After graduating from high school, I tried to do what I thought would be
normal by attending college, but my heart wasn’t in it. So, after a year of college, I
decided to ditch the “status quo” and take a chance on me! After all, isn’t that what
life is all about…the pursuit of happiness. I took the biggest leap of my life and moved
to Miami and haven’t looked back since. I am seeing my dreams come to fruition. God
has blessed me with great opportunities and provided me with the chance to
experience many zoological endeavors. I am currently working as a manager at a zoo
and exotic reptile farm where I am able to breed and rescue exotic animals, reptiles,
and amphibians. I wear many hats and if asked to describe myself, I’d say I’m the
swingman, meaning I do whatever needs to be done to ensure the animals are taken care of; 
hence my name the Real Tarzann.


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